Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PAA experinces

During PAA I learned how to make your own pizza and how to cook other foods as well! For example we cooked nachos and omelets. I learned about food poisoning, tape worms and other diseases that could hapen when eating raw food, noncooked food and old food. In accounting i learned about how bankers feel(dealing with money all the time), I learned about liabilities and other stuff with money. During the trip preperation I learned about knife and axe safety, wild life, why hygiene is important, how to build a fire, how to make a not, how to make an emergence structure. On the trip i actually got to make a shower, catch frogs and get eaten alive by misquitoes :(. In all the trip was awsome and lots of fun, we had lots to do, fun games to play and it was great weather. My favourite part of the trip was the hike, it was nice to go in the water and i found 5 bucks in the dirt.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To me cyber communication could be good or bad. It it good to keep in touch with relataves such as grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters or brothers. It is also very bad because possibly people could hack your facebook or myspace account and do things or say stuff to relataves that is just plain bad. Its good to have cyber communication because if your sister is off in another country or on the other side of the world you can talk and discuss what's been happening while they have been gone or such. It is also bad because of the people that hack accounts can put up pictures of random people or relataves and the relataves may not like that. In all cyber communication means to be good and not wanting to have hackers and such, it means for people to catch up with relataves, and that should be enough reasons.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Holidays

My easter holiday started like everyone elses, the week ended on a wednsday and had parent teacher interviews. what i did for the first little bit, i mostly just played videos games for hours on end. On Friday my cousins came out for the weekend, they would have stayed longer but my cousin had to work on Monday. After my cousins left i went back to playing videos games with my friends. but after two days of that i got tired of it, so the rest of the week i went out and hung out with all of my friends. We walked around town talking and having fun. we went to the store almost everyday and bought stuff from there. After about Friday no one wanted to hang out and so I went bowling on saturday, the day after that I had a bowling tournament and I won it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well it's almost the end of term 2 we are getting report cards after school today. In most of my calsses i did well, I did what i kinda wanted to in the classes that i did bad in last term. in computers i did better than last term by a couple of marks which is good. In math I got my first B ever, im kinda upset about that but i will try to get it to a higher mark by the end of term 3, I am making that a promis to myself. in most of my other subjects i got an average of 75 to 90% which is about as good as i did last term. i wished i could have gotten better in most of those subjects but you can't be perfect but you can always try. For next term i will make sure that almost all of my subjects are going to be an average of 85 to 90%, which means i will work harder and study for more test, make sure i don't play to much video games and always complete my homework.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Goals For the Year

My main goals for this year in grade 8 is that I get an average of 85% or higher, win the division champions for vollyball and basketball. My other goals are to not fail any tests and study more often. some of my little goals are to get an A+ on at least 4 different subjects. Another goal that doesn't involve school is to be better at Call of Duty: World At War and to become better at Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare. Also I would like to not game out as much as I do now. My goals for the Wii are to not play on it as much and to become a pro in all of the Wii Sports games. My family goals are to go to Mexico and to get more gifts from my parents on Christmas. Other goals i have is to eat for the first time, a jalapeno and to eat a hot tamale.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my dogs

For most people who don"t know that i have three dogs im saying that i do. My dogs are all small types of breeds, my dog Ferbey is a Cochapo, my sister's dog is a Aprocot Poodle and lastly my mom's dog is a mixed breed of a Aprocot Poodle and a miniature Doberman. I would say that the most spazies dog of all is my mom's dog known as Zoey. I'v had my dog Ferbey is 10 years old, Moly my sister's dog is 3 years and Zoey is 10 months old.