Friday, March 26, 2010

Well it's almost the end of term 2 we are getting report cards after school today. In most of my calsses i did well, I did what i kinda wanted to in the classes that i did bad in last term. in computers i did better than last term by a couple of marks which is good. In math I got my first B ever, im kinda upset about that but i will try to get it to a higher mark by the end of term 3, I am making that a promis to myself. in most of my other subjects i got an average of 75 to 90% which is about as good as i did last term. i wished i could have gotten better in most of those subjects but you can't be perfect but you can always try. For next term i will make sure that almost all of my subjects are going to be an average of 85 to 90%, which means i will work harder and study for more test, make sure i don't play to much video games and always complete my homework.

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