Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PAA experinces

During PAA I learned how to make your own pizza and how to cook other foods as well! For example we cooked nachos and omelets. I learned about food poisoning, tape worms and other diseases that could hapen when eating raw food, noncooked food and old food. In accounting i learned about how bankers feel(dealing with money all the time), I learned about liabilities and other stuff with money. During the trip preperation I learned about knife and axe safety, wild life, why hygiene is important, how to build a fire, how to make a not, how to make an emergence structure. On the trip i actually got to make a shower, catch frogs and get eaten alive by misquitoes :(. In all the trip was awsome and lots of fun, we had lots to do, fun games to play and it was great weather. My favourite part of the trip was the hike, it was nice to go in the water and i found 5 bucks in the dirt.

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